FAQ of the decision making oracle app


FAQ decision-making-app.com:

Where can I get help with decisions?

Welcome to the website of our decision language game! Our oracle is a game, but it is based on a millennia-old Chinese decision support tradition and has helped many people make decisions. Simply download our free app to your mobile phone, enter your question and get an answer that will give you new food for thought. Not infrequently, new thoughts help us when we have to make decisions.

Can the decision support app make the decision for me?

No, the decision support oracle is a game. The app responds to your question by selecting a slogan and two numbers. This gives you a helpful suggestion to steer your thoughts in the right direction. Thinking about the answer can help make a decision, but it is, as the name suggests, just a decision aid and a game. You still have to make the decision yourself, but the new thoughts help you to break through stuck thought patterns by long pondering.

How do I make the right decision if the result is unclear?

Take your time to think about the suggestion the I-Ging future oracle gives you. Often the decision support app gives impulses that only indirectly lead to the right decision. The answers of the future oracle are suggestions which should lead your thoughts into new directions and thus help to illuminate the problem from new angles. Thus the decision making process can become a long process, which leads over several detours. Take the time to follow them and think in peace.                                                                                     

Can a decision support tool make really tough decisions online?

The decision support oracle is a game and does not make a decision for you. The decision support app only helps you to view your hard decision from a new angle via this I-Ging-like app. New thoughts arise, which dissolve a stalemate in decision making and let you make your own decisions.

What is the I-Ging and how can it help you make a decision?

Zhouyi, the "Urtext" of I Ching is a collection of wise sayings that was compiled 3000 years ago in China. Since then the wisdom of the I-Ging has been helping people make important decisions. The decision-making oracle selects a fitting proverb in the Zhouyi sense to your question. You can then make the right decisions by thinking about the spell and its relationship to your problem.

Can I also ask the decision support oracle several times with the same questionn?

If the decision support app produces a result that does not let us immediately make an obviously correct decision, we are often tempted to repeat the questioning of the I Ching immediately. Don't be too hasty. Decision making with our online decision support takes time. First think about what the decision support oracle said and consider also combining other decision support methods with our decision support app.                                                                                                                                                                                “If the answer you receive to your question seems obscure or even irrelevant, don't dismiss it out of hand. Study it, and try to bear it in mind. It may slip into place quite suddenly, and awaken you to a quite startling insight into the true nature of your deepest difficulties – and how to solve them." (Alfred Douglas, The Oracle of Change.)

What should I do if I want to ask the decision support oracle a second time?

If you make difficult life decisions and have already thought about the first answer of the I-Ging Decision Support App for a long time without coming to a result where you feel confident, a second questioning of the Decision Support App may be useful. But don't just enter the exact same question a second time. Rephrase your question and possibly consider the thoughts you found during the first interview. This will also give the app a new perspective on your question.

In general, however, it can be said:

Listen to "your inner voice" - it was called by wise people "the wisdom of the heart"!

About the same time as the Zhouyi in China, the Iliad originated in Greece. There Homer in I / 218 Odysseus has the goddess Athena answer:

"Whoso obeys the gods, to him do they gladley give ear."