Decision support oracle: Making decisions with a simple app


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Decision support oracle: Making decisions with a simple app

Sooner or later, the moment comes for everyone when you don't know the answer to different questions. A moment when the future seems uncertain, but one is asked to make a decision here and now. Often one is afraid of this moment, because one might make wrong decisions and thus cause negative consequences. In such moments one wishes oneself gladly once a decision assistance, possibly even a decision oracle, which gives answers to one or other question, a decision facilitates and at the same time with the modern world conform goes. The app offers you a sophisticated system for exactly these needs for those who also want to benefit from old wisdom in the modern world.

There are many possibilities for you to ask an oracle online and accept it as a decision aid. But before you spend hours looking for an oracle on the web that even resembles the wise oracle of Delphi, there is the possibility of using an app. The decision language game App is based on the Zhouyi, the "Urtext" I-Ging and therefore offers many useful wisdoms, sayings and tips for every moment and every day. Here you can ask the oracle on whatever topic you want and act accordingly.

The Zhouyi itself is a Chinese text collection, which was compiled about 3000 years ago and can serve today as an useful decision oracle. For the legendary wisdom of the ancient Chinese sage wise proverbs were sought to make them usable as an app for you in this day and age. You get original wisdom and instructions, centuries-old, tested and polished formulaic statements that are formulated here in the system of Zhouyi.

With the App you can, as with the classical oracle, conduct no-dice surveys and come up with answers to any topic. But the whole thing is not limited, as some other apps do, as a simple decision oracle that only provides answers by "yes" and "no", quite the opposite. Here it is even useful to avoid questions, which can be answered only with "yes" or "no". Thus your personal decision oracle can react very precisely to your question and your needs and serve as a real decision-making aid, without giving clumsy answers that everyone has heard before. So you can ask the oracle what you want and get answers, instructions and references regarding the I-Ging system. So you can easily get the decision support you always wanted from our decision oracle, simply and mobile as an app.

As an uncomplicated oracle on the web, the app is easy to use. Our decision oracle guides you through the I-Ging system with precise instructions. All you have to do is enter the required information and then ask your question. It is best to start your question with "why, how come," or the like, but of course other forms of questions are also possible so that you can make the best possible decisions on any subject. As you can see, the app offers many useful gadgets that are easily packaged for you and provide you with useful decision support in any situation. Once you're really familiar with the language game, you might even ask questions for any date. - It could e.g. be interesting to enter your date of birth / time and your first name ?!

Finally you are now ready to see for yourself the app's capabilities and let the mobile decision oracle into your life to make all your decisions easier, whether you're at home or on the road, it's always ready.