Decision aid based on I-GING: Use the ancient system of thousands of years


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Decision aid based on I-GING: Use the ancient system of thousands of years

There are many ways to find an answer to a question or problem, but often there are situations where you just don't know what to do and can't interpret the signs correctly. Whether about family, life or love, the language game based on I-Ging may help you to find an answer. This is an oracle app installable for Android and iOS that works using the system of the Book of Changes.

The language game is an I-Ging based oracle for the smartphone and iPhone, which can be used in real life as a decision support. The app was conceived according to the Zhouyi, the old "Urtext" of Yijing, which is also called I-Ging today. This old Chinese wisdom book served as a decision aid for Chinese noblemen at that time. This is a collection of line signs with assigned sayings and was compiled about 3000 years ago in China, which makes it one of the oldest Chinese texts and oracles. The Book of Changes consists of 64 "chapters" (64 hexagrams) with six lines each, which in turn are divided into the upper and lower trigrams and three lines each.

The 64 hexagrams consist of signs which in turn consist of lines, the yin and yang: one the solid line which stands for the yang (odd numbers, masculine and life) and one the broken line which stands for the yin (even numbers, feminine and death). The I-Ging oracle is considered to be one of the most accurate oracles ever and not only because it is the oldest oracle in human history. In a playful way, this app tries to map the system of the I-Ging, and thus serves as a similar decision-making aid.

But how does the Oracle work?

First the given values for date and time are taken, then a question is considered (if possible no yes/no question) and then the oracle immediately gives an answer and two numbers.

According to which method does the game work as I-Ging oracle/decision aid?

An alphabetical code (a=1, b=2, and so on) is used to convert the letters in the question into numbers, which are then added. The sum (according to Shao Yong), is transformed into the upper trigram. For this word game, the alphabetical code is perfect to convert the question into a relevant number. The numbers for the following words in German, for example, are amazing:

1.Welt, Himmel, Zeit (world, heaven, time)                                                          60
2.Gehirn, Spiel, Modell (brain, game, model)                                                        61
3.Gott, Orakel, Mensch (God, oracle, human)                                                        62
4.Traumdeutung, Existenzangst (dream interpretation, angst)                               183*
* The sum of the first three numbers astonishingly equals the fourth number!

In English, too, one finds remarkable connections, such as sun=54, sky=55, heaven=55, light=56, moon=57, night=58, and star=58.(Source: “Das Alphabet als Code” by Christian Reder, KOMET, Frechen 1999)

The month and year are converted to the Chinese animal calendar and calculate together with the day the lower trigram and the determining line, in which then, depending on the hexagram number, the answer is. Each of the 64 hexagrams is represented according to a uniform scheme: A figure (gua xiang), the name (gua ming), a saying with explanation (gua ci) and an explanation of each stroke.

The oracle is a complex algorithm. The answers are based on the commentaries on the Lines of the Imperial Edition of I-Ging, prepared for Emperor Kangxi in 1715 AD. In comparison with another very well-known cosmogram, the Tarot, the answers are less symbolic, which makes reading the decision aid easier and possible for many newcomers. In addition, the Tarot Oracle often works with the zodiac sign, which is not the case with I-Ging. With an I-Ging oracle, more like with TUA cards, a kind of connection to the soul is established, practically this is taken as a key. -  So it's important to listen to yourself.