Make decisions with the decision help game app


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Make decisions with the decision help game app

The decision support app helps you to make the right decisions

Everyone's life is full of hard choices. Sometimes we just don't know what to do in the middle of the decision making process in front of pros and cons, and an advising authority in making decisions - for example a decision support app - which not only relieves us of a decision, but also makes it easier for us, would sometimes be quite helpful. The next time you ask yourself: "I can't decide what to do now", you can now get help for the right decision via the app. Our decision support app is based on a kind of future oracle. You will learn how to make decisions in a playful way with this free online decision help and soon you will also notice how this help makes you more creative and self-confident when making decisions via the app.

How does the app work?

This decision support game is very easy for you. First record the exact time and date before asking the decision oracle your question. The question to the decision support game should best start with why, how come, etc.. A simple decision aid is the "oracle yes no dice", but this decision game here is more complex. Avoid questions that can only be answered with "yes" or "no" in this decision game. You will not only get one answer from the app, but also two numbers. This goes back to the origin of this decision game, where the numbers represent a kind of coordinate, with whose help you can look for a more complex answer in any i-Ging book edition, the basis of this app, too. The I-Ging is a kind of ancient book with various hexagrams, probably the oldest komolexere decision support game in the world so to speak. The numbers lead through complex calculations to exactly one hexagram and a certain line in it, which represents the answer to the asked question. That's how it works in our decision support app.

When should you ask the oracle?

Whenever you have to make important life decisions, it makes sense to get several opinions and advices and to consider them for your decision. Unfortunately, good decision support is not always available. So it is worthwhile to think about a decision aid online, for example a decision aid app, which is much better than questioning various strangers in forums. With the app you can playfully steer the decision into new directions that might not have occurred to you by themselves. An oracle online survey also has the advantage that you don't have to expose yourself to others with the app, especially if you make a decision that could be unpleasant for others. So you get help from outside when making a decision, without having to involve another person, because the decision support game replaces that person.

How to make the right decision - Conclusion

So the best way to make important decisions from now on is to question the oracle in our decision help game and thus play through your decision before forming your final opinion. The result is secondary; playing is what counts. It can clear the mind of prejudice, remorse, omnipotent fantasies, guilt, megalomania, fears or pusillanimousness, etc.; in short, all dreadful kinds of conditioning that clouds one's vision from being able to see a problem clearly. Whether this primary goal can be achieved depends not least on what we make of the language game, like a knife with which you can carve a beautiful figurine as well as injure yourself. Maybe it offers you the solution for a difficult decision, but at least it makes you think and break out of your fixed system of thoughts. So it is worth a try.