Decision Support App: Decisions based on an I-Ging-like Oracle

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A decision-making support app for making the right decision

It's not easy when you're forced to make an important decision. A decision language game based on the Chinese I Ching will help you to make the right decision. Depending on the phone model you own, you can use the decision support app as a free smartphone version or as an iPhone version. You can expect sometimes humorous suggestions for solving your serious problems. Depending on your choice of language, you will receive an English or a German version. The decision support app makes it easier for you to make important life decisions.

Origin of the Decision Support Oracle I-Ging (I Ching)

The ancient Chinese wisdom book called I-Ging was the inspiration for the development of the language game.

The instructions of the famous Chinese philosopher Shao Yong, who lived in the Sung Dynasty from 1011 to 1077 AD, were followed. These have been reproduced by Da Liu in his book "I Ching Numerology". The decision aid Orakel I-Ging in turn is based on the so-called Zhouyi. This is the "original text ("Urtext") of the future oracle and is here understood as a conceived language game. The Zhouyi collection of aphorisms was compiled about 3000 years ago in what was then China. The core consists of 64 "chapters" (hexagrams), each with six lines of text, which in turn are devided into the upper and lower trigrams and three lines each. Based on the translation of Richard Alan Kunst's "The Original Yijing", proverbs were sought after whose semantic fields were either in accord with those of the line texts, or at least overlapped them. Thus, attempts were made to recapture the "ancient Chinese proverb" (I GING, P.H. Offermann, p.11) of I-Ging. This finally resulted in a relatively independent canon of answers, reminiscent of Zhouyi, but also following its systematics so stringently that it becomes possible to access them according to Shao Yong's guidelines.

The decision meeting help - with the future oracle assistance with decisions take up

You will often have asked yourself the question: "How do I make the right decision"? Now you have the possibility to accept a decision support online with the decision support app. You should not be relieved of the decisions, but with the decision support oracle you will be taught decision support methods. The online decision support gives you suggestions and insights that will make it easier for you to master a difficult decision.

How does the decision support Oracle I-GING work?

If you want to start the language game decision support oracle, you first have to take the displayed values for time and date. You will then carefully consider a question related to the decision you have to make. The best questions are why, how come, etc. Avoid questions that only need to be answered with a "yes" or a "no". At the same time you will receive an answer that will make it easier for you to make a difficult decision. In addition, you get two numbers.

An alphabetical code (a=1, b=2, and so on) is used to convert the letters in the question into numbers, which are then added. The sum (according to Shao Yong), is transformed into the upper trigram. For this word game, the alphabetical code is perfect to convert the question into a relevant number. The numbers for the following words in German, for example, are amazing:

1.Welt, Himmel, Zeit (world, heaven, time) 60
2.Gehirn, Spiel, Modell (brain, game, model) 61
3.Gott, Orakel, Mensch (God, oracle, human) 62
4.Traumdeutung, Existenzangst (dream interpretation, angst) 183*
* The sum of the first three numbers astonishingly equals the fourth number!

In English, too, one finds remarkable connections, such as sun=54, sky=55, heaven=55, light=56, moon=57, night=58, and star=58.(Source: “Das Alphabet als Code” by Christian Reder, KOMET, Frechen 1999)

With the year and month a conversion to the Chinese animal calendar is generated to measure the decision making. Here also the exact day has a meaning. In the certain algorithm for the lower trigram as well as the determining line, which is dependent on the hexagram number, there is the answer, which is important for making difficult decisions. This makes it easier for you to make decisions.


Make important decisions now? Use the decision support app to make decisions that are difficult for you. Let yourself be surprised. The problem can be put playfully into another point of view...

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